Treatment Options for Discolored Teeth – Options to Remove Teeth Stains


Treatment Options for Discolored Teeth – Options to Remove Teeth Stains

 Following options are available for the Treatment of teeth discoloration and to remove teeth stains:

1- OTC (over-the-counter dental products),

2- Removal of surface stains through Scaling,

3- Bleaching (Teeth whitening),

4- Microabrasion,

5- Macroabrasion,

6- Veneers and

7- Crowns.

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1- OTC (over-the-counter dental products) Teeth Stains Removal:

Many teeth whitening products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, whitening gels, strips, etc. are easily available in the market that claims to remove extrinsic stains and concomitantly lighten the color of teeth. Such products can be purchased from the pharmacy without having the dentists prescribe for them and are called over-the-counter products. However, these products do not necessarily produce the desired result, sometimes the consumer being unaware of their teeth’ condition end up purchasing the product that either does not suit them or is harmful to them. It is best to let the dentist evaluate your case and then decide whether you should go for the OTC products or professional whitening treatment. It is your own choice. No one can force you into professional teeth whitening if you choose to use OTC products for teeth stains removal.

These teeth whitening products usually contain:

An abrasive material (in a toothpaste) that slowly abrades away the surface stains.

a detergent for effective cleansing.

Whiteners such as sodium carbonate peroxide that breaks into sodium carbonate (washing soda) and peroxide (for oxidation/bleaching of the pigments/stains).

anti-bacterial agents and Flavours.

2- Scaling Process to Remove Teeth Stains:

It is a dental procedure that is performed to remove calculus (hardened plaque), extrinsic stains such as those of smoking, tobacco, chromogenic foods, etc. from the surface of the teeth to achieve a smooth, clean, shiny, and hard surface. But remember, that this procedure does not lighten or whiten the teeth’ color tone.

There are two types of scaling procedures:

a- Manual, which is done with the help of hand instruments. These instruments are classified as: Files, Curets, Hoe, Sickle scalers, and chisels. but this is rarely practiced by dentists nowadays since the availability of ultrasonic devices.

b- Ultrasonic Devices: These devices work on a principle of high-frequency energy vibrations. These vibrations move the tip of the instrument in a back and forth motion approximately at the rate of 25,000 cycles per second. These vibrations fracture the deposits and thus remove them.

Since these instruments vibrate which produces a tremendous amount of heat that can cause damage to both the tooth and the surrounding soft tissues, a cooling system is incorporated in the scaler that maintains the temperature.

Scaling Method To Remove Teeth Stains

(Scaling Method To Remove Calculus and Teeth Stains)

3- Bleaching (Teeth whitening) for Removing Teeth Stains:

Teeth whitening through the application of chemical agents is known as bleaching. Bleaching can be categorized as follows:

Vital bleaching,

Non-vital bleaching,

In-Office bleaching,

Walking bleaching and

Nightguard vital bleaching.

Teeth Bleaching Process To Remove Teeth Discolorations

(Teeth Bleaching To Remove Stains)

teeth stains before teeth whitening process like teeth scaling and teeth bleaching    teeth stains AFTER teeth whitening process like teeth scaling and teeth leeching

  (See the difference Before and After Teeth Scaling and Teeth Bleaching Process – Teeth Stains Removal)

4- Microabrasion Teeth Stains Removal Method:

This technique involves the removal of extrinsic stains and enamel defects, for instance, mild fluorosis through abrasion. Microabrasion as the name suggests is the physical removal of tooth structure but not more than a few tenths of a millimeter in depth by using abrasive materials.

Teeth Stains Removal By Microabrasion TeethStains Removal Method

(Teeth Stains Removal By Microabrasion TeethStains Removal Method)

5- Macroabrasion Teeth Stains Removal Method:

This is an alternative technique for the removal of superficial (Extrinsic) stains and enamel defects that are moderate (not subject to conservative treatment). Microabrasion is performed by using a bur in a high-speed handpiece (dental unit).

Micro and Macroabrasions do not lighten the tooth color tone.

6- Veneers:
Some localized or generalized Intrinsic stains/defects can not be removed/restored efficiently with the help of the above-mentioned procedures. for instance, Hypoplastic enamel defects (incomplete mineralization of enamel) and Tetracycline (an antibiotic) stains. Such teeth can be restored with the help of Veneers which are a layer of a tooth-colored material that is applied on the front surface of the affected tooth. Veneers provide a satisfactory and minimal tooth preparation solution. Veneers can be classified as:

  •  Partial veneers (for the restoration of a localised defect/stain) and.
  •  Full veneers (for the restoration of the entire tooth defect/stains).

Teeth Stains Removal By Using Veneers
(Teeth Stains Removal By Using Veneers)

7- Crowns:
Crowns are the alternative solution to intrinsic stains/defects (hypoplastic enamel and tetracycline stains etc.) Crowns are tooth covers used for capping damaged, broken, or discolored teeth. Crowns can be divided as follows:

According to the material:

  • Metallic crowns,
  • Porcelain crowns and
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns.

According to coverage area:

  •  Partial crowns and
  •  Complete crowns.

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