What are the disadvantages of using paint-on teeth whitening products?


Paint-on teeth whiteners are wonderful, economical products to prolong a white smile or do a touch-up. However, they do have some disadvantages. They are more difficult to use than they seem and require some drying time. They can be very difficult to use on the whole mouth, and trays or strips might be easier for the full set of teeth. This can be a drawback if you are trying to whiten an entire smile as quickly as possible because you have to paint each tooth.

The effectiveness of paint-on teeth whiteners is not as strong as strips or trays. This can be because the bleaching agents are weaker, the paint-on product is easily dislodged, or the treatment cycle is not long enough to affect a drastic change. Paint-on teeth whiteners are the cheapest alternative for teeth whitening systems, but that’s because they are the most bothersome to use for the entire set of teeth and are not as effective. They are generally used for touch-ups or maintenance once someone has already had their smile professionally whitened at a dentist’s office.

There are side effects that can occur with the use of any tooth whitening system, and paint-on teeth whiteners are no different. The peroxide products can irritate the gums and cause tooth sensitivities. If the product is not used correctly, it might harm the enamel, so it’s important to follow the directions. Studies on these products say there is no potential harm to the enamel, but that’s if you are using it according to the directions. If you do experience side effects like gum or tooth pain, irritation, or sensitivity, and then you can stop the product usage and see if it subsides. For most people, the tooth sensitivity and gum irritation is temporary and stop after the product is discontinued.

Why laser is used in dentist’s teeth whitening process if you want the quickest way to get your teeth whitened at the dentist, then you will opt to have the process sped up with a laser or light. Lasers can help to target stubborn stains below the surface of the tooth. If you are looking to get the brightest and whitest results for the time you spend in the dentist’s chair, then you want to opt to use a laser or light treatment. It can be very expensive when compared to other methods of teeth whitening, but the results are very quick and highly effective.

The way the laser or light works is by activating the powerful whitening agents to penetrate and work harder on the stains in the teeth. What might normally take seven to fourteen days and repeated tries with a strip delivery system takes only one hour in the dentist’s chair. The procedure is not painful and the results should be visible when it is done.

The cost of the procedure is much higher and this can affect your decision whether to use a laser or light treatment or opt for a tray. It will be more expensive to use a technique like laser teeth whitening. If money is no object and you just want to get things done quickly with the best results, then you should opt for the laser or light treatment. You don’t have to keep fussing with trays and the results can last anywhere from one year to a couple of years, depending on whether you smoke or imbibe coffee. Laser treatment can work with these types of stains quite well, but you can easily get them back if you continue with these habits. The treatment does not work as well with gray teeth or teeth discolored by antibiotics. So, ask your dentist if the laser treatment is right for you.

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