WaterCAD is an easy-to-use software that is a reliable, resource-efficient, decision-making application for your water infrastructure. From fire flow and water quality analysis to energy management and pump simulation, you can quickly analyze, design and optimize your water distribution systems. Built-in water quality functions can perform component analysis, water age, tank mixing and source tracing to develop complex chlorination schedules, simulate contamination alarms, visualize affected areas for different water sources, and improve turbidity, taste and odor by identifying water mixing problems in water distribution systems

Estimation of the fire flow capacity
Use a hydraulic water distribution model to access and locate where fire protection is inadequate. Design improvements such as sizing and positioning pipes, pumps and tanks to meet fire flow and protection requirements.
Criticality analysis of pipes and valves
Find weak links in water distribution systems and assess the adequacy of the isolation valves. Assess the ability to isolate parts of the system and service consumers using different valve locations. WaterCAD / WaterGEMS automatically generates network segments after providing isolation valve data.
Building and managing hydraulic models
Speed up the model creation process and manage your model efficiently to focus on making the best engineering decisions. Use and import many well-known external data formats to maximize return on investment in geospatial and engineering data and automate the generation of input data.
Design of water distribution systems
Leverage the results of the hydraulic model to optimize the design of complex water distribution systems, and use built-in scenario management to track design alternatives. In addition, WaterGEMS users can optimize designs for you using Darwin Designer’s built-in network optimization tool .
Development of flush plans
Optimize wash programs with multiple regular and unidirectional washes in one pass. Increasing the speed in the lines to flush out solids and stagnant water, while the main indicator of the success of flushing is the maximum speed reached in any pipe during flushing.
Identification of water losses
Save water and increase revenues by reducing water waste. Use flow and pressure data to locate detailed audible leak detection locations (WaterGEMS only). Explore how much you can expect to reduce leaks by reducing pressure and see how this affects customer service.
Energy management
Model pumps accurately using hydraulic simulations, including complex pump and variable speed pump combinations, to understand how different pump strategies affect energy use. Minimize pumping energy costs while increasing system performance.

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