Surfer is a powerful contour, mesh and surface mapping package for scientists, engineers, educators, and anyone else who needs to create maps quickly and easily. Creating publisher-quality maps has never been faster and easier. Adding multiple layers and map features, customizing the map display, and annotating with text create engaging and informative maps. Almost every aspect of your maps can be customized to create exactly the presentation you want.
Surfer is a grid-based mapping program that interpolates irregularly spaced XYZ data into a regularly spaced grid. Grids can also be imported from other sources such as the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
Mesh is used to creating various types of maps, including contour maps, colored bump maps, and 3D surface maps. There are many gridding and mapping options available to help you create maps that best reflect your data.

Surfer provides an extensive set of meshing methods. The variety of methods available provides different interpretations of the data and allows you to choose the most appropriate method for your needs. In addition, data metrics allow you to display statistical information about your data on a grid. Surfer makes quick calculations of surface area, projective area, and volume. You can also calculate and export cross-sectional profiles.

Mesh files can be edited, combined, filtered, sliced, queried, and mathematically transformed. For example, meshes can be sliced to create cross-sectional profiles, or the command Grids | Calculate | Math can be used to generate an isopach map from two mesh files. Grids can be edited using the intuitive user interface in the Grid Editor. Scripter The ScripterTM software included with Surfer is useful for creating, editing, and running script files1 that automate Surfer procedures. By writing and running script files, you can accurately and repetitively perform simple daily tasks or complex system integration tasks without direct interaction. Surfer also supports ActiveX Automation using any compatible client such as Visual BASIC. These two automation capabilities allow Surfer to be used as a data visualization and mapping postprocessor for any scientific modeling system.
Surfer offers a wide variety of display methods and tools, including all known and proven meshing algorithms, a wide range of predefined line and symbol styles, and the ability to create your own. Add scripts that you can manipulate with VBA (the fully supported and extensively documented Surfer library) or other programming languages. Lots of other features including geo-projection, layer and overlay management, the ability to digitize an imported contour or image, etc., etc.

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