Instal-therm HCR


Instal-therm HCR software is intended for the design of one- and two-pipe central water heating systems with convection and surface radiators, as well as an auxiliary tool for the design and regulation of two-pipe cycles of the coefficient of performance in air conditioning systems.

Instal-heat & energy software is designed to calculate heat losses and seasonal energy requirements of buildings.
Using all the applications of the package, you can make an accurate thermal calculation of the building, as well as design modern heating, cooling and water supply systems in it.
Data exchange between individual applications is carried out using a data file with the .isb extension, which is a common file for Instal-san T, Instal-therm HCR and Instal-heat & energy applications. Thus, by editing one * .isb file in this program, data is entered that can be used by other applications. For example, data related to thermal calculations is used to design a central heating system, and graphical projections of the floors of a building in a building can be used to design both a water supply network and a heating network. By opening the * .isb file in the Instal-san T program, you can edit and make calculations for the water supply network, as well as view the design of the heating network.

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