Instal-san T software was written to create projects for an internal hot and cold water supply network in residential buildings, cottages, and possibly public spaces. The database for the project is populated using the schema. The diagram is a flat axonometric scan. It is also possible to create a drawing of the projected network on the projection.
Next, the calculations of the hydraulic and thermal parameters of the system take place, including:
1) determination of the diameter of pipelines, correction
diameter for a given available pressure (if it is too low),
2) automatic selection of bushings, fittings, tees, distributors,
3) establishing the optimal pressure for a given system,
4) carrying out the calculation of various schemes with pressure regulators and reducers. Also the calculation of circuits containing sections of pressure increase (S.P.D.),
5) regulation of certain circulation flows in the pipeline by choosing the installation of adjusting elements.
Note that the tracing limits used in the program, the methods for calculating the described parameters are described following the requirements of the current standards, by the use of special literature on this topic. However, the program does not consider the possibility of calculating the fire network following the requirements of the standards, although it makes it possible to connect internal hoses to the network (they are provided when performing hydraulic calculations).
Also, the program is not intended for calculating hot or cold water sources (pneumatic water-pressure installations, heat exchangers) and does not contain symbols for the elements of such objects [18].
The program contains catalogs of pipes and fittings, control valves, and insulation data provided by manufacturers. The catalogs of pipes and fittings contain all the data necessary for calculations, information on the used connections of elements within a given system and the possibility of their use with other systems, as well as data on the list of materials for the manufacture of insulation [21].
The calculation results are presented in the form of tables. It is possible to insert tables with results into a graphical editor. The program also allows you to get a printout of building plans with a network, as well as a graphical network diagram, which is an illustration of the localization of receiving points, risers, and interconnecting piping layouts. The values of the selected pipe diameters and other calculation results are automatically applied to the drawings. The parameters of the printouts, both graphical and in the form of tables, can be adjusted in a very wide range.
When the elements of the water supply network are introduced into the scheme, the elements of the sewer network are most often introduced, however, they act as a drawing.
The program is a continuation and integration of Instal-san 2.0 applications known on the market. and Instal-san 3.0, it contains all the previous features, i.e. and performing calculations of the water supply network solely based on a flat or axonometric image. The * .san files are read by the Instal-san T program, although immediately after reading them, the calculation may not be possible, or the method of their integration by the program will be different than in versions 2.0 and 3.0. For users who are going to recalculate files created by software versions 2.0 and 3.0, at the end of this manual we have placed information about the most important differences in data interpretation compared to previous versions of the program.

Interaction with other programs of the InstalSystem package
Instal-san T program is one of the applications of the InstalSystem package, which also includes Instal-heat & energy and Instal-therm HCR programs.

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