Water informatics is an informatics branch that focuses on the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to address the ever-growing challenges of equitable and efficient use of water for a variety of purposes. In the pre-discipline of computational hydraulics, numerical modeling of water flows and related processes remains the basis of hydrological information, which contributes to focusing not only on technology but also on its application in a social context.
The Water Basin Agency is creating an integrated water information system at the water basin level, which allows regular monitoring of water and the aquatic environment at the level of quantity and quality, water use, ecological systems, and their operation, as well as risks and events related to water.
The Administration is creating an integrated information system at the national level based on integrated water information systems installed at the water basin level.
The Administration and Agency “Aquarium” provide the interested parties and the general public with useful and high-quality information about water.
The terms and conditions, in particular, relate to:
Measurements, checks, research, and surveys;
defining the nature of data and information about water;

collection of information about water;
operation and access to information systems and methods of maintaining their security and protection;
tracking and updating information systems;

Identifying information and making it available to stakeholders and the public at large.

Public administrations and institutions, as well as managers of utilities involved in the water cycle, as well as individuals and legal entities subject to public or private law who have licenses or concessions for the use of water and water in the public domain, are obliged to the administration and Office concerned. water basin:
Periodically provide them with all available information and data on water or water used in the public domain;

Facilitating the access of officials of the administration and the Office of the water basin to data, information, documents, installations, and equipment to conduct research, research, or measurements.
The procedure for applying this article is determined by the normative text. Hydroinformatics has a growing global community of researchers and practitioners, and Ph.D. programs in Hydroinformatics are offered by many leading educational institutions. Hydroinformatics provides a dedicated space for hydro informatics research, [16] and the community gathers to exchange ideas at biennial conferences. This activity is coordinated by the Joint Hydroinformatics Section of the IAHR, IWA, IAHS.

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